1 Hour $800.00
1.5 Hours $1200.00
2 Hours $1500.00
3 Hours (Dinner date) $2000.00
12 Hours



All dates that are 6 hours or longer require a 25% Deposit
Extended Engagements

1 Day (24 Hours) $7,500
2 Days $11,000
3 Days $15,000
4 Days $18,000
5 Days $20,000

Appointment Etiquette:

My donation is considered a gift for my time as a model and not for any illegal activities. Tipping is appreciated, but never required. Please leave the donation in an envelope on the restroom counter. If we meet in public for an extended date please discreetly hand me the envelope. Thank you!

I do not grandfather donations.  Please do not ask. 

I am the sexy girl in the pictures. I still look exactly like my photos :) 

I will always ask to see your identification at the start of the date. If you could have it out or easily accessible would be appreciated.